Complete List

** Denotes Public Project

Assumption High School Athletic Complex,
*Davenport, IA *Bush Construction
**Black Hawk College Building 3 Chiller Replacement
**Black Hawk College Tunnel Repairs, Moline, IL. *Russell Construction
**City of Moline, Captain’s Table Restaurant, Moline, IL.
IBEW Local 145 Kitchen Renovation, Moline, IL. *Heritage Construction
**Moline High School HVAC Upgrades, Moline, IL. *Russell Construction
**Quad City Airport Solar Project, Moline, IL-
**Rock Island County Forest Preserve Campground Project, Illinois City, Illinois. *Valley Construction
**Rock Island County Transit District (MetroLink) Multi-Modal Skywalk Project, Moline, IL. *General Constructors
St. Ambrose University McMullen Hall Addition & Renovation, Davenport, IA. *Bush Construction
**TaxSlayer Center Comfort Chiller
**TaxSlayer Center Locker Room Renovations, Moline, IL. *Prime Construction
**United Township High School Water Service Upgrades,  East Moline, IL. *Miller Excavating
Unity Point Trinity Lobby & Registration Renovation, Bettendorf, IA, *Estes Construction
Unity Point Trinity CT Lab Addition & Renovation, Moline, IL. *Estes Construction

Ascentra Credit Union Headquarters, 
Bettendorf, IA, *Russell Construction 
**Black Hawk College Building #1 Renovations, 
Moline, IL Russell Construction
Black Hawk college District Wide Concrete Replacement,
Moline, IL, *Centennial Contractors
**Black Hawk College East Building #1 & #2 Renovations, Galva, IL
Black Hawk College East Well Replacement Phase 2,
Galva, IL, *Leander Construction
Black Hawk college East Building 5 & 6 Additions,
Galva, IL, *
**Black Hawk College East Arena Upgrades, Galva, IL
**Milan 911 Emergency Center, Estes Construction
Rock Island County Forest Preserve Lake George Dam & Spillway Rehabilitation, Illinois City, IL, Phoenix Corp
United Township High School Student Life Center,
East Moline, IL, *Bush Construction

Arrowhead Ranch Renovations, Coal Valley, *Valley Construction 
Augustana College Westerlin Hall Renovation Phase 3, *
Bush Construction 
**Black Hawk College Forensics Lab Renovation, 
Moline, IL *Russell Construction
**Black Hawk College Student Success Center, 
Moline, IL *Russell Construction
**Black Hawk College East Campus & Ed Center Wall Repairs, 
Kewanee, *Valley Construction 
**Black Hawk College Outreach Center Rehab, 
East Moline, *Russell Construction 
**Black Hawk College Bldg #1 Addition & Renovation, 
Moline, *Russell Construction 
**East Moline School Dist. Glenview & Ridgewood Lighting, *
Tri-City Electric Co
**East Moline School Dist. Energy Improvements, Wells, Hillcrest, Bowelsburg, *
Crawford Co
Genesis HealthPlex, 
Davenport, Iowa *Estes Construction
I.H. Mississippi Valley Credit Union Headquarters, 
Moline, IL *Russell Construction
**Moline High School Bartlet Performing Arts Center, 
Moline, *Russell Construction 
**Rock Island County Courthouse Annex, 
Rock Island, IL *Gilbane Builders
**Rock Island Water Filtration Facility, Rock IslandIL *Civil Constructors
**Rock Island High School, Edison Jr High, Earl Hanson Roof Repairs, *Sterling Roofing
**Ridgewood School Addition & Renovation, Milan, IL * Valley Construction 
St Ambrose University Football Locker Room Facility, Davenport, *Bush Construction 
Unity Point Health Trinity Pharmacy & Lab Renovation, Rock Island, IL *Estes Construction
Unity Point Health Trinity Accelerator Lab, Moline, IL *F.H. Stowell & Sons
Unity Point Health Trinity Electric Substation, Rock Island, *Tri-City Electric
**UTHS Soule Bowl Renovation, East Moline, IL *Valley Construction

Augustana College Westerlin Hall Renovation Phase 2, Bush Construction 
**Black Hawk College District Wide Parking Lot Upgrades, *
Valley Construction
**Black Hawk College Dock Drainage Improvement Bldg #2, *Centennial Contractors
**Black Hawk College Parking Lot Stairs Health Science Center, *Treiber Construction 
**Black Hawk College Building 2 Corridor Flooring Replacement, *Paragon Interiors 
Bridges Catering Stern Center Renovation, Rock Island, IL *Centennial Contractors
Genesis Health System & Treiber Construction Renovation Projects 2016, *Treiber Construction
**Multi Modal Station Phase II Addition & Renovation, Moline, IL * Bush Construction 
Pershing Hill Loft Apartments, Davenport, IA, *Bush Construction 
**Rock Island High School Exterior Wall Renovation, *Northwest Restoration 
**Silvis Police Station, *Silvis, IL *Russell Construction
St. Ambrose University Student Wellness Center, *Davenport, IA *Russell Construction
Unity Point Health Trinity Birth Place Renovation, *Bettendorf, IA *Russell Construction 

Assumption High School Athletic Complex, *Davenport, IA *Bush Construction 
Augustana College Westerlin Residence Center Renovation, *
Rock Island, IL *Bush Construction
**Black Hawk College Bldg #2 North Entrance, *
Moline, IL *Swanson Construction
**Black Hawk College Bldg #2 AHU & Controls Upgrades Phase I
, *Moline *Crawford Company
**Black Hawk College Emergency Generator, 
*Moline, IL *Tri-City Electric Co.
**Black Hawk College East Bldg. A Roof Replacement, *
Galva, IL * Economy Roofing
**Black Hawk College East Bldg B RTU Replacement, *
Galva, IL * Crawford Company
**Black Hawk College East Storefront Replacement *
Galva, IL *CAD Construction
**Black Hawk College East Veterinary Technology Center, *
Galva, IL *Laverdiere Construction
**Black Hawk College Emergency Generator, *
Moline, IL  *Tri-City Electric Co.
**Black Hawk College District Wide Lighting Upgrades, *
Moline & Galva, IL *Tri-City Electric Co.
**Black Hawk College Bldg #2 HVAC Upgrades Phase 2, *
Moline, IL * Crawford Company
Isle Casino, *
Bettendorf, IA *Kraus Anderson Construction 
**I Wireless Center Concourse Expansion & Box Office, *
Moline, IL *Estes Construction 
**I Wireless Center Roofing Improvements, *
Moline, IL *Economy Roofing
**I Wireless Center Lighting Upgrades, *Moline, IL * Tri-City Electric Co.
**I Wireless Center HVAC System Upgrades *
Moline, IL *Johnson Controls
**I Wireless Center Airwalls *
Moline, IL *Allied Construction 
Genesis Health System & Priester Co Inc Renovation Projects 2015 *
Priester Co Inc.
Green Thumb Industries (GTI), *Rock Island, IL *Ryan Companies U.S.
Metrolink Multi-Modal Station Phase I Restoration, *Moline, IL * Weitz Construction/Otto Baum Co.
Nature's Treatment Dispensary, *Milan, IL *Hodge Construction
**Quad City Airport Cargo 2 Building Renovation, Moline, IL *Hodge Construction 
**Quad City Airport PARC System Replacement, Moline, IL *Heartland Parking
**Rockridge School District HVAC Improvements, *Taylor Ridge, IL *Ryan & Associates
**Rockridge School District Paving Improvements, *Taylor Ridge, IL *Valley Construction
St. Ambrose University Welcome Center, *Davenport, IA * Russell Construction

ARC of the Quad Cities Group Homes, *
Rock Island, IL *Bush Construction 
**Black Hawk College Health Science Center,
 *Moline, IL *Russell Construction
**Black Hawk College Welding & Skilled Trades Center, *Kewanee, IL *Hein Construction
**Black Hawk College East Bldg B Bridge Replacement, *
Galva, IL *CPI of the Midwest
**Black Hawk College IT Department Relocation, *
Moline, IL *CPI of Midwest & Pipco Company
**Black Hawk College East Bldg A Upper RTU Replacement, *Galva, IL * Mechanical Services Inc
**Black Hawk College Outreach Center Elevator Modern., 
*East Moline, IL *Swanson Construction
**Black Hawk College Bldg 4 Elevator Modernization, *
Moline, IL * CPI of the Midwest
**Black Hawk College Library Renovation, *
Moline, IL * Precision Builders
**Black Hawk College Lab 214, Bldg 2 Remodel *
Moline, IL *Precision Builders
**Black Hawk College Upper Balcony Renovation Bldg 1 *
Moline, IL *Precision Builders/Crawford
Genesis Campus Integration Project, *
Davenport, Iowa * Estes Findorff
Genesis Health System & Priester Co Inc Renovation Projects 2014 *
Priester Co Inc.
**Hamilton Elementary School Expansion, 
*Moline, IL *Russell Construction 
**Moline High School HVAC Upgrade, *
Moline, IL *Ryan & Associates
**Moline North Slope Wastewater Treatment Plant, *Moline, IL * Williams Brothers Construction
Norkev LLC Hanger at Quad City International Airport, *Moline, IL * Hodge Construction
Pershing Lofts, *Davenport, IA * Bush Construction
**Rock Island Police Station, *Rock Island, IL *Gilbane Builders/Valley Construction
Union Arcade Renovation, *Davenport, IA *Ryan Companies U.S.

**Black Hawk College Elevator Modernization 2 *
Moline, IL * Swanson Construction
**Black Hawk College East Fire Alarm Upgrade *Galva, IL * Ruyle Mechanical Services
**Black Hawk College East Arena HVAC Upgrade *Galva, IL * Mechanical Services Inc
**Black Hawk College HVAC Replacement Swim Pool *Moline, IL * Schebler Company
**Black Hawk College Parking Lot/Road Upgrade Phase 3 *Moline, IL * Centennial Contractors
**Black Hawk College Bldg 2 Restroom Renovation *Moline, IL * CPI of the Midwest
Genesis Medical Center Aledo Renovation *Aledo, IL * Walsh Construction
Genesis Health System & Priester Co Inc Renovation Projects 2013 *Priester Co Inc.
Genesis HealthPlex Bettendorf *Bettendorf, IA * Estes Construction
Holiday Inn Express *Moline, IL * Russell Construction 
**Metrolink Rock Island Transfer Station *Rock Island, IL * Bush Construction 
**Milan Community Center Renovation *Milan, IL * Estes Construction 
Mills at Riverbend Commons *Moline, IL * Madison Construction 
**Quad City Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility *Moline, IL * Valley Construction
**Quad City Airport Jet-Bridge Foundation/Terminal Ramp Replace *Moline, IL * Valley Const.
**Quad City Airport Hanger C-1 Floor Repair *Moline, IL * McCarthy Improvement
**Quad City Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Parking Lot *Moline, IL  * McCarthy Improvement
**Quad City Airport T-Hanger Taxiway Repair *Moline, IL * Valley Construction
Sheet Metal Workers Local 91 Expansion *Rock Island, IL * Ryan Companies 
St. Ambrose University Ambrose Hall Renovation *Davenport, IA * Bush Construction
St. Ambrose University Center for Health Sciences Education Addition* Estes Construction
St. Ambrose University Lewis Hall Renovation Phase II *Davenport, IA *Russell Construction
Unity Point Health Trinity Heart Center & Emergency Room *Rock Island, IL * Russell Pepper
UFCW Local 431 New Union Hall & Administrative Office *Davenport, IA * Precision Builders

Augustana College Old Main Interior Renovation *
Rock Island, IL * Estes Construction 
Augustana College Center for Student Life *
Rock Island, IL * Russell Construction
**Black Hawk College Auditorium Remodel *
Moline, IL * Hillebrand Construction 
**Black Hawk College Student Services Center *
Moline, IL * Bush Construction 
**Black Hawk College East Campus Lighting Upgrades *
Galva, IL * GPE Inc.
**Black Hawk College Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements Phase II *
Treiber Construction
**Black Hawk College East Campus Science Bldg Addition *
Galva, IL * D. Joseph Construction
**Black Hawk College Sanitary Sewer Upgrade *Galva, IL * Valley Construction 
**Black Hawk College East Campus Auto Shop HVAC Upgrade *
Galva, IL *Mechanical Services
Boys & Girls Club of Mississippi Valley, Teen Center *
Moline, IL * Ryan Companies
DHCU Community Credit Union *Bettendorf, IA * Centennial Contractors
Genesis HealthPlex Moline *Moline, IL * Estes Construction
**George O Barr Elementary School Renovation *Silvis, IL * Estes Construction 
**I Wireless Center Patio Replacement *Moline, IL *Economy Roofing
Kone Inc. Tenant Improvements Kone Centre *Moline, IL * Ryan Companies
**Quad City Airport Fuel Farm Access Road *Moline, IL * McCarthy Improvement Company
**Quad City Airport SRE Building Addition/Renovation *Moline, IL * Valley Construction
**Quad City Airport International Passenger Terminal *Moline IL * Russell Construction
St. Ambrose University Cosgrove Dining Hall Expansion *Davenport, IA * Russell Construction
St. Ambrose University Lewis Hall Renovation Phase I*Davenport, IA * Russell Construction

**Black Hawk College Fire Alarm System Replacement *
Moline, IL * Art-O-Lite Electric
**Black Hawk College Restroom Renovations Phase II *District wide * Bush Construction
**Black Hawk College Roads & Parking Lot Improvements * Centennial Contractors
**Black Hawk College East Auditorium Renovation *Galva, IL * Bishop Brothers Co.
**Black Hawk College Outreach Center Mechanical Renovation *Moline, IL * Johnson Contracting
**Black Hawk College Sustainable Tech Building *Moline, IL * Hillebrand Construction
**Black Hawk College Electrical Feed Replacement *Moline, IL *Art-O-Lite Electric
**Black Hawk College Stairwells & Floor Upgrade, Bldgs 2 & 3 *Moline, IL*Swanson Construction
Genesis Health System East Campus MRI Addition *Davenport, IA * Estes Construction
**George O Barr School Roof Replacement *Silvis, IL * Economy Roofing
i Wireless Center Building Restoration *Moline, IL * Mid-Continental Restoration Co Inc
Kone Centre * Moline, IL * Ryan Builders Inc.
**Metrolink Transit Maintenance Facility *
Rock Island, IL * Weitz Construction 
**Metrolink Signature Bus Stop @ Quad City Airport *
Moline, IL * Valley Construction 
**Quad City Airport Fuel Farm Sanitary Extension
 *Moline, IL * Miller Trucking & Excavating
St. Ambrose University North Hall *
Davenport, IA * Bush Construction 
Trinity Bettendorf OB/GYN Expansion *
Bettendorf, IA * Bush Construction 
Trinity Express Care *
Bettendorf, IA * Bush Construction 
Trinity Pain/Wound Care HBOT
 *Moline, IL * D.G. Franck
Trinity Surgical & Clinical Services Renovation *Rock Island, IL * Estes Construction
Trinity Operating Room #5 Expansion *Bettendorf, IA * Estes Construction 

**Black Hawk College East Teacher Learning Center *Galva, IL * Swanson Construction
**Black Hawk College East Ag Pavilion Parking Drainage * 
Galva, IL * Swanson Construction
**Black Hawk College Restroom Renovations * 
district wide * Construction Partners Inc.
**Black Hawk College East Well Controls *
 Galva, IL * Ragan Mechanical Inc.
Carver Aero Davenport Municipal Airport * 
Davenport, IA * Ryan Companies
Deere & Company Product Engineering Facility *
Silvis, IL * Russell Construction
Deere & Company Southwest Office Building (SWOB) 
*Moline, IL * Ryan Companies
**Earl Hanson Elementary School Addition *
Rock Island, IL * J.B. Robertson Construction
**East Moline Wastewater Treatment Plant *
East Moline, IL * General Constructors Inc.
Holiday Court LLLP, Vera French Court *
 Bettendorf, IA * Russell Construction
**John Deere Middle School Addition & Remodel *
Moline, IL * Russell Construction
** Martin Luther King Center Expansion *Rock Island, IL * Estes Construction
**Mercer County Jail Addition & Improvements *Aledo, IL * Vanguard Contractors
**Niabi Zoo Entry Plaza & Discovery Center * Coal Valley, IL * Estes Construction
Quad City Bank & Trust Renovation *Davenport, IA * Estes Construction
**Quad City International Airport Administrative Offices * Moline, IL * Swanson Construction
**Quad City International Airport Parking Lot Addition * Moline, IL * Langman Construction
**Quad City International Airport Fuel Storage Facility *Moline, IL * Seneca Companies
**Rock Island Public Works Garage *Rock Island, IL  * General Constructors Inc.
**Rock Island Wet Weather Treatment Plant *Rock Island, IL * Civil Constructors
**Silvis Northeast Junior High School *East Moline, IL * Estes Construction
Trinity Birthing Center Expansion *Bettendorf, IA * Russell Construction
Trinity Boiler Replacement *Rock Island, IL * Northwest Mechanical Inc.
Von Maur Inc. E-Commerce Facility *Davenport, IA * Russell Construction
**Woodrow Wilson Middle School Addition & Remodel *Moline, IL * Estes Construction

** Black Hawk College Exterior Site Lighting Upgrades *Moline, IL * Tri-City Electric
** Black Hawk College Parking Lot & Roadway Upgrades * Moline, IL * Laverdiere Construction
** Black Hawk College Outreach Center Renovation *
 East Moline, IL * Swanson Construction
** Black Hawk College East Storage Building *
 Galva, IL * Swanson Construction
** Denkmann School Addition & Renovation *
Rock Island, IL * Russell Construction
DHCU Community Credit Union,
 * South Park Mall Moline, IL * Centennial Contractors
Genesis Dialysis Remodel East Campus *Davenport, IA * Russell Construction
Genesis Internal Medicine Remodel East Campus *Davenport, IA * Russell Construction
Genesis Davenport Surgical Group Remodel East Campus *Davenport, IA * Russell Construction
Genesis Wound Clinic Expansion West Campus*Davenport, IA * Priester Co. Inc.
** Frances Willard School Addition *Rock Island, IL * Construction Partners Inc.
** Ridgewood School Addition *Rock Island, IL * Precision Builders Inc.
** Rock Island Fitness & Activity Center Expansion *Rock Island, IL * Estes Construction
St. Ambrose University Health Sciences Education Center * Davenport, IA * Estes Construction
** Thomas Jefferson School Addition & Renovation *Milan, IL * Swanson Construction 

**Bicentennial School Renovation & Expansion
 * Coal Valley, IL * General Constructors Inc.
**Black Hawk College Roof Replacement * Moline, IL * Economy Roofing
**Black Hawk College Electrical Upgrades * Moline, IL * Art-O-Lite Electric
**Black Hawk College Electrical Upgrades * Kewanee, IL * Tri-City Electric
**Black Hawk College Health & Safety Improvements * Kewanee, IL * Hein Construction
**Black Hawk College Restroom Renovations * Moline, IL * Priester Construction
Deere & Company Airport Hanger * Moline, IL * Estes Construction
Deere & Company Parts Distribution Center Expansion * Milan, IL * Estes Construction
**Eugene Field School Addition * Rock Island, IL * Hillebrand Construction
Eye Surgeons Associates * Rock Island, IL * Estes Construction
Genesis Illini Cath Lab Remodel * Silvis, IL * Russell Construction
Genesis Medical NICU Remodel *Davenport, IA * Priester Construction
IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union * Silvis, IL * Estes Construction
**Longfellow School Addition * Rock Island, IL * Hillebrand Construction 
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 25 Expansion *Rock Island, IL * Estes Construction
**Primary Academy School Addition * Rock Island, IL * Hillebrand Construction
Quad City Kidney Center * Rock Island, IL  * Hodge Construction
**Rock Island Alley Improvement * Rock Island, IL * Centennial Contractors
**Rock Island County Emergency Response Center * Rock Island, IL * Estes Construction
**Rock Island Center for Math & Science School *Rock Island, IL * Bush Construction
**Rock Island Schwiebert Riverfront Park *Rock Island, IL * Williams Valley Joint Venture Inc.
St. Ambrose University Speech Pathology Building *Davenport, IA * Estes Construction
Trinity Ambulatory/Waiting Room/Surgical Renovation *Rock Island, IL * Estes Construction

Augustana College Carlsson Hall *Rock Island, IL* Estes Construction
Augustana College Dorothy Parklander Residence Center *Rock Island, IL* Hodge Construction
**Black Hawk College Boiler Room Modernization *Moline, IL* Johnson Controls
**Black Hawk College Science Lab Renovation *Moline, IL Swanson Construction
**Black Hawk College Electrical Improvements *Moline, IL* Tri-City Electric
**Black Hawk College Health & Safety Improvements *Kewanee, IL* Swanson Construction
**Black Hawk Township Maintenance Building *Milan, IL * Valley Construction
**Black Hawk Township Salt Storage Building *Milan, IL * Valley Construction
Butterworth Center & Deere Wyman House *Moline, IL * C.E. Peterson & Sons
Deere & Company Conference Room Renovation *Moline, IL* C.E. Peterson & Sons
DHCU Community Credit Union *East Moline, IL * Centennial Contractors
**East Moline Screening Building Improvements * East Moline, IL* General Constructors Inc.
Jumer's Casino & Hotel *Rock Island, IL * Kraus-Anderson Construction Co.
Manor Care Health Services Skilled Nursing Home *Davenport, IA * Estes Construction
Merrill Lynch Tenant Improvements *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
**Milan Village Hall *Milan, IL* Ryan Companies
**Moline Fire Station Renovation *Moline, IL* Valley Construction
Olympic Steel Expansion *Bettendorf, IA* Russell Construction
**Rock Island County Indian Bluff 12th Hole Renovation *Milan, IL * Kodiak Site Contractors
St. Ambrose University McCarthy Hall *Davenport, IA  Russell Construction
Stern Beverage Expansion *Milan, IL * Valley Construction
Terrace Park Professional Center Build Out *Davenport, IA * Hillebrand Construction
Trinity Cath Lab I Renovation *Rock Island, IL * D.G. Franck Inc.
Trinity CT Scan Remodel *Rock Island, IL * D.G. Franck Inc.
Trinity IDPH Project Improvements *Rock Island, IL* Estes Construction
Trinity Private Bed Initiative *Rock Island, IL* Estes Construction
Trinity Redundant Utility Feed *Rock Island, IL* J.W. Koehler Electric
Trinity Sprinkler System & Fire Protection *Rock Island, IL* Estes Construction
Trinity Surgical Center Addition *Rock Island, IL* Estes Construction
Trinity Surgical Partners *Davenport, IA * Hillebrand Construction
Virdi Eye Clinic *Rock Island, IL* Ryan Companies

IBEW Training Center Expansion *Moline, IL * Gilbert E. Leech Company
Orthopedic Rheumatology & Associates 
*Bettendorf, IA* Russell Construction
**Rock Island County Indian Bluff Golf Club House *Milan, IL Construction Partners Inc.
**Rock Island County Hope Creek Care Center *East Moline, IL* Estes Construction
St. Ambrose University Christ The King Chapel *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
St. Paul Lutheran Church *Davenport, IA* Estes Construction
Trinity Robert Young Inpatient Expansion *Rock Island, IL* Estes Company

ALCOA Employees Credit Union *
Moline, IL* Russell Construction
Augustana College Swanson Commons Residence Hall *
Rock Island, IL* Russell Construction
Bettendorf Office Products *
Bettendorf, IA* Russell Construction
CASI Center for Aging 
*Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
Genesis/Clarissa Cook Hospice House *Bettendorf, IA* Estes Construction
Genesis West ER Remodel *Davenport, IA* Estes Construction
I H Mississippi Valley Credit Union *Milan IL* Estes Construction
Isle of Capri Hotel *Bettendorf, IA* Ryan Companies
**Rock Island County Animal Shelter *Moline, IL* Lower Construction

ARC of Rock Island County *
Rock Island & Moline, IL* Contract. Corp Midwest
American Bank *Moline, IL* Russell Construction
Deere Harvester Credit Union/Administrative Office 
*Moline, IL* New Ground Resources
Genesis Medical Center West ER *
Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
Genesis Medical Center East Cath Lab *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
Genesis Medical Center 3rd & 4th Floor Remodel *Davenport, IA* Priester Construction 
Hammond Henry Hospital *
Geneseo, IL* Russell Construction
Merrill Lynch/Birchwood B1 *Davenport IA* Russell Construction
Merrill Lynch/Birchwood B1/Build Out *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
**Moline Police Station *Moline, IL* General Constructors
**Moline Public Library *Moline, IL* Russell Construction
Quad City Bank & Trust *
Davenport, IA* Estes Co.
St. Ambrose University Franklin Residence Hall *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
Trinity West Emergency Power Facility *Rock Island, IL* Tri City Electric
Vera French Mental Health Renovation *Davenport, IA* Ryan & Associates
Walgreen Drug Store *Milan, IL* Russell Construction
Walgreen Drug Store *East Moline, IL* Russell Construction

Alter Care Plus Medical Center 
*Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Bass Street Landing/River Station *Moline, IL* Estes Company
Carpenters Training Facility Addition *East Moline, IL* Precision Builders
Carpenters Union Hall Local #166 *Milan, IL* Diversified Construction
Davenport Lofts Apartments *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Deere Enterprise Support Facility *Moline IL* Estes Company
Deere Harvester Credit Union 
*Geneseo, IL* New Ground Resources
DuTrac Credit Union *Davenport, IA* New Ground Resources
DuTrac Credit Union *Eldridge, IA* New Ground Resources
Gastroenterology Associates *Bettendorf, IA* Estes Company
I. H. Miss. Valley Credit Union *Davenport, IA* New Ground Resources
Illini Hospital MRI Addition 
*Silvis, IL* Taylor Larson Construction
Mississippi Plaza *Davenport, IA* Ryan Company
Mississippi Valley Region Blood Center *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
New Ventures Initiative/AG Tech *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
R J Boars Restaurant *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Russell Construction 
*Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
Skip A Long Day Care *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
St. Ambrose University Rogalski Center *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
Trinity Maternity Expansion *Moline, IL* Russell Construction
Trinity Nursing College *Rock Island, IL* Design Build
U.S. Marshall Federal Building *Rock Island, IL* Priester Construction

ALCOA Employee Credit Union
 *Davenport, IA* New Ground Resources
Bethany for Children & Families 
*Moline, IL* Russell Construction
Augustana College Carver P.E. Center Renovation *Rock Island, IL* Taylor Larson
Edgerton Women's Health Center Genesis *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
I. H. Mississippi Valley Credit Union Branches *East Moline & Rock Island, IL* New Ground Resources 
Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center 
*Muscatine, IA* Gilbert Leech Company
Quad City Distribution Center *Davenport, IA* Ryan Companies Us, Inc.
Robert Young Center for Community Mental Health *Rock Island IL* Russell Construction
Vera French Housing *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction

Barnes & Noble Bookstore 
*Davenport, IA* Contracting Corp of IL
Boys & Girls Club *Moline, IL* Precision Builders
Deere Harvester Credit Union *Davenport, IA* New Ground Resources
** Eagle Ridge School *Carbon Cliff, IL* Leander Construction
Illini Hospital OB & Dietary Addition *Silvis, IL* Taylor Ball
The Law Center *Rock Island, IL* DISCO Inc.
Millwrights Local #2158 *Bettendorf, IA* Gilbert Leech Company
Mississippi Valley Blood Center *Bettendorf, IA* Gilbert Leech
Olsen Engineering *Eldridge, IA* Estes Company
Redstone Building *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Two Rivers YMCA *Moline, IL* Russell Construction
Wal-Mart Super Store *Davenport, IA* R. G. Brinkman

American Red Cross of the Quad Cities Area
 *Moline, IL* Estes Company
**East Moline School District #37 *East Moline, IL* ABS Construction
(Ridgewood, Wells, Hillcrest, & Bowlesburg Schools & Glenview No & So)
Genesis Medical Center Heart Institute *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Genesis Medical Center Heart Institute Site Work *Davenport, IA* Langman Constuction
Genesis Medical Center Landscaping *Davenport,  IA*Suburban Landscaping Union
Genesis Medical Center East Campus Expansion *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
Iowa American Water Co. Clearwell Addition *Davenport,  IA* General Constructors
I H Mississippi Valley Credit Union *Moline, IL* Bank Building Corp.
IMAX Theatre at the Putnam Museum *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center *Moline, IL* Estes Company
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #25 *Rock Island, IL* Contracting Corp of IL
Ridgecrest Village *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
St. Ambrose University Hagen Residence Hall *Davenport, IA* ABS Construction
Trinity at Terrace Park Medical Center *Bettendorf, IA* M A Mortenson

Caxton Block Building
 *Moline, IL* Estes Company
Deere Computer Cabling Center *Moline, IL* Koehler Electric
Illini Nursing Home *Silvis, IL* ABS Construction Group
Rainbow Day Care Center *Rock Island, IL* Estes Company
Rock Island Justice Center *Rock Island, IL* River City Construction
Salvation Army *Moline, IL* Construction Partners Inc.
United Township High School Renovations *East Moline, IL* Lower Construction

American TV
 * Davenport IA * Kenneth Sullivan Company
**Bicentennial Elementary School *Coal Valley, IL* JVI
**Blackhawk School *Moline, IL* Economy Roofing
Borders Bookstore *Davenport, IA* Cord Construction
DHL/BAX Global – Airborne Express *Moline, IL* Estes Company
Eagles Country Market *Bettendorf, IA* Glenn H Johnson Construction Co.
**Horace Mann Elementary School *Moline, IL* JVI
Illinois Quad City Chamber of Commerce *Moline, IL* Ken Curry Construction
**Logan Elementary School *Moline, IL* Sentry Asbestos Abatement Co.
Northwest Mechanical *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Quad City Training Center *Davenport, IA* Lower Construction
Sam’s Club *Davenport, IA* Chance Construction
Wharton Field House Asbestos Abatement *Moline, IL* JVI

Augustana College Science Facility
 *Rock Island, IL* Kraus-Anderson Construction
Financial Center *Bettendorf, IA* Estes Company
Junior Achievement *Moline, IL* Estes Company
Lady Luck Casino *Bettendorf, IA* Ryan Construction
Neighborhood Place *Davenport, IA* Russell Construction
Palmer College of Chiropractic *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Quad City Botanical Center *Rock Island, IL* ABS Construction Group
**Rock Island High School *Rock Island, IL* Gilbane Building Company
Utica Ridge Office Complex *Bettendorf, IA* Estes Company
Velies Plantation Renovation *Moline, IL* Estes Company

American Bank & Trust
 *Rock Island, IL* Lower Construction Co.
Eagle Country Market #064 *Moline, IL* Glenn H Johnson Construction Co.
**Franklin School *Moline, IL* East Moline Glass
Genesis East Emergency Room Renovation *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Genesis Family Care Northwest *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Genesis Ambulatory Services/Cancer Center *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Genesis Education Foundation Clinic *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
** Horace Mann School *Moline, IL* ABS Construction Group
John Deere Health Care Office Building *Moline, IL* Ryan Construction
**Moline High School Water Piping Replacement *Moline, IL* Mechanical Inc.
**Moline High School Life Safety Correction Work *Moline, IL* Priester Constr.
**Moline High School Asbestos Abatement *Moline, IL* Dore & Assoc. Contracting
Radisson Hotel *Moline, IL* Ryan Construction
T.G.I. Friday’s Restaurant *Moline, IL* Ryan Construction
U S Post Office @ Quad City Airport *Moline, IL* Korte Construction
**Washington School *Moline, IL* Contracting Corp of IL
**Wilson School *Moline, IL* East Moline Glass

**Airport Maintenance Building
 *Moline, IL* Construction Partners Inc
Factory Outlet Center *Bettendorf, IA* Russell Construction
Crow Valley Park II  *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Maytag Expansion *Galesburg, IL* Korte Construction Company
Mississippi Medical Plaza *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Quad City Bank & Trust *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Salvation Army Renovation & Repair *Davenport, IA* Priester Construction Co.
St Ambrose University Tiedemann Residence Hall *Davenport, IA* Estes Construction
Trinity Medical Center 7th Street Campus *Moline, IL* M A Mortenson

Aluminum & Glass Company
 *Bettendorf, IA* Russell Construction
Brenton Bank *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Deere Computer Center *Moline, IL* Koehler Electric & Estes Company
Galesburg Labor Temple Association *Galesburg, IL*
Illowa Construction Labor & Management *Moline, IL* Contracting Corp of IL
Merrill Lynch *Moline, IL* Estes Company
**Moline High School Phase I Asbestos Abatement *Moline, IL* JVI
**Moline High School Phase II Re-Construction *Moline, IL* Contracting Corp of IL
Smith Filter Company *Moline, IL* Russell Construction
St. Ambrose University Library *Davenport, IA* Williams Brothers Construction
Villa Montessori School *Moline, IL* Russell Construction

Eagle Country Warehouse #027
 *Clinton, IA* Glenn H Johnson Construction Co.
Fidlar & Chambers *Rock Island, IL* Estes Company
Friendship Manor Renovation *Rock Island, IL* Contracting Corp of IL
Midland Press Corporation *Davenport, IA* Estes Company
Modern Woodmen Expansion *Rock Island, IL* Kraus-Anderson Construction CM
Putnam Museum Addition & Renovation *Davenport, IA* Contracting Corp of IL
Quad City Bank & Trust *Bettendorf, IA* Estes Company
Trinity Lutheran Church Expansion *Moline, IL* Hillebrand Construction
Value RX *Davenport, IA* Estes Company

MARK of the Quad Cities
 *Moline, IL* Huber Hunt Nichols Inc. CM

Eagle Country Market #008
 *East Moline, IL* Williams Brothers Construction
Eagle Country Market #285 *Bettendorf, IA* Russell Construction
Eagle Country Market #307 *Davenport, IA* Williams Brothers Construction
Deere Family Health Center *Moline, IL* Estes Company
Heritage Place Office Tower *Moline, IL* Azzarelli Builders
Mercy Hospital Bettendorf Plaza *Bettendorf, IA* Estes Company
President Riverboat Landing *Davenport, IA* Figgins Construction Group CM
Rock Island Riverboat Landing Wall *Rock Island, IL* Civil Constructors

Alter Corporate Headquarters
 *Bettendorf, IA* Green Bridge Co.
Illini MedCentre *Silvis, IL* Azzarelli Builders
Nichols-Homeshield Casting Plant *Davenport IA* Davy Dravo
**Quad City Airport Expansion (Phase I & II) *Moline, IL* Hillebrand Construction
Skip-a-Long Daycare Center *Moline, IL* Hillebrand Construction
**United Township High School Addition & Renovation *East Moline, IL* ABS&M

Quad City Times
 *Davenport, IA* Estes Company

** Publicly funded project 
(updated 1/2019)